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Your Story, Your Way

Passionate storytelling paired with technical prowess – that is what The Creative Lounge offers. Photography, videography, podcasting, web development, editing, production, recorded audio, live streaming, and broadcast media are all tools at our disposal to make sure the world knows you and knows your story.

Our Storytelling Tools



Lifestyle, documentary, branding, product, fundraising and live streaming - These are just a few of the types of video production that The Creative Lounge can create to take you and your story to the next level.


Web Design

Web design by The Creative Lounge pulls together all of your digital assets in one place. We are committed to telling your story in the most effective way possible to properly represent you.



Senior, wedding, corporate, event, photojournalism, product and arial - Whatever your still image needs, The Creative Lounge can create a package to provide you with all of the images your project needs.

What's Your Story?

Are you a real estate agent looking to supercharge your online presence? Or a hotelier who is tired of paying crazy monthly fees for your hotel website? Maybe you are a business who needs to leverage digital media better. Or maybe you just want to present the best version of your digital story to the world.

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